Climatic Prophets

The Climatic Prophets program utilizes a meteorologist as an advisor that provides real-time weather analysis and interpretation to establish the effects on consumer demand commodities such as agricultural (corn, wheat and soybeans), soft (sugar, coffee, cocoa, and cotton) and energies (natural gas, heating oil, gasoline and crude oil).

Weather events regularly have a multi-billion dollar impact on our nation's economy and an even greater impact on a global basis. The analysis team anticipates weather events and calculates the impact on supply and demand to execute both long and short-term positions exclusively in the commodity markets.

The program is anchored with a long term, often multiple weeks, strategy utilizing a proprietary fundamental analysis methodology that executes long and short biased positions when specific criteria are met. The program executes a market neutral strategy designed to take advantage of the intrinsic time decay of commodity futures options. Utilizing proprietary weather forecasting techniques and technical analysis methodologies, the program incorporates both historical and forward looking indicators to determine a range of market expectations to forecast a directional bias. The objective is to achieve return expectation in the shortest time possible for the period and exit all positions, eliminating further market risk from the portfolio.

The program is also comprised with an intermediate term, often multiple days, strategy utilizing a unique method of analyzing micro weather patterns and then executes long and short futures and futures options positions. In addition, the program utilizes various short term (intraday strategies) models that utilize fundamental and technical analysis to determine directional bias. The program was constructed with the goal of above average absolute returns as the primary objective and risk mitigation as the secondary objective.

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